Broadly speaking we run a number of tour routes, visiting Morocco almost EVERY MONTH. The route maps shown are meant only as an indication, it is of course where we stop overnight, locations visited and exclusive experiences that make the difference.  The Atlas-Sahara-Atlantic Tour, better known as The Classic Tour, is a perfect and ideal tour for the first-time visitor covering the Riff, Atlas, Forest, Sahara, imperial cities and Atlantic Coastal areas. The Moroccan Discovery Tour is perhaps a natural follow-up tour to the “Classic” venturing [safely] into the much less visited regions and routes of the High Atlas and Riff etc. and enjoys rather more “wilderness” and “opportunist” camping.   The newly introduced Amazigh Tour visits the forgotten East Morocco, venturing as far as and along the Algerian border. Experience beach, caves, forests, farms and so much more with additional wilderness and remote camping …… a tour definitely for the “Traveller”.  The Classic Tours run EVERY month throughout the year while the Moroccan Discovery Tours are run from just TWO dates per year.  The Amazigh Tour offers just ONE tour date per year. If you have more time you can, as many clients do, remain on in Morocco after the actual tour with our [free] help and guidance. Your open return Ferry and onward documentation is valid for 3 months. 

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It is not by accident that the Atlas-Sahara-Atlantic Tour has become widely known as The Classic. Few countries, accessible to the Motorhome owner can offer the highest of mountains, endless desert, stunning ocean borders, dense forests, sweeping plains and of course ancient Imperial Cities. Morocco offers all these and so much more; all accessible during one visit. Follow the above map and you will see that Desert Detours have not only been able to weave and blend all these features and more into a truly stunning tour but have also managed to combine just the right amount of “Formal” and “Wilderness” camping to satisfy even the most discerning visitor. Taking advantage of our unsurpassed knowledge of Morocco [now in our 30th year], experience and contacts you can enjoy unique visits too Berber/Arab villages, schools, overnight desert camps and even spectacular festivals… so much more. Our Atlas-Sahara-Atlantic Tour is indeed the most “Classic” of Moroccan Tours.

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Fed up with the increasingly commercial Euro Xmas, gray skies, cold winds and yet another "sale"? Or, perhaps you just feel the need for some warm winter sun? Then take a look at our ever popular Xmas/New Year Tour that will climax with a magical Christmas morning sunrise at Erg Chebbi Dunes [if we can catch one there may even be a turkey dinner waiting when you get back to camp…..Moroccan style!]. Tell friends that you are doing “presents” when you get back……Shopping in the souks and markets is not just cheaper, its more fun!   And what better way to start a new year than watching a spectacular Atlantic sunset from that wonderful laid-back coastal town of Essaouira. So, there's something for everyone. And you may even get back to Europe with a tan!!!

Click on the red dots to see that Santa comes along as well.

Adventure Route

Following routes that no other organisation uses the Moroccan Discovery Tour is a unique and rare opportunity to visit and experience Morocco that very few have explored before. Using tracks, pistes, mountain passes and graded paths [all of course safe and non-damaging] we visit remote Berber/Arab villages, Nomad camps, open desert, deep forest, water falls and much more. Very much “Off the Beaten Track” this tour takes advantage of the more remote and stunning locations available for some real “Wilderness Camping”. NOT a test of vehicle or client, the Moroccan Discovery Tour is just that…..a Discovery!

PLEASE NOTE…..The illustrated “Trans Atlas-Imishil Expedition” tour is just the first of three Moroccan Discovery Tours we have already researched and have planned. Ask for details of future tours in this exciting new series that include the incredible “Plateau du Rekkam Raid”  covering the eastern Riff Mountains then onward towards Algeria and the stunning “Draa Valley Safari” covering breathtaking South Western Morocco and down towards Mauritania

The “Moroccan Discovery Tour” is just the first of three Discovery tours we have already researched and have planned. Ask about the “Plateau du Rekkam Tour” covering the Riff and Eastern Morocco towards Algeria and an incredible “Draa Valley Tour” in the breathtaking South West towards Mauritania.

We should remind you that on some routes we may include short sections of un-made tracks or cross high and narrow passes for short runs, and a few of our camping locations are of a “Wilderness” style. However, all are non-damaging, chosen with great care and driven very slowly! In fact it’s the accessing some of these exclusive locations, mountain Berber villages, desert forts, remote forest camps, coastal bays and farms that set Desert Detours apart from all others. Desert Detours are NOT a “Rally” style tour operator. Sorry, no Bingo, fancy dress or embarrassing competitions on our tours.

You will be going to a Moroccan/Arabic/African destination, in other words an “emerging third-world destination”. Whilst safety and security is NOT an issue, as we never leave your vehicles unattended, some services and facilities may not be of a “European Standard”. You should be aware that we offer our itineraries in the understanding that they are for guidance only and whilst you will in the vast majority of cases follow the intended routes exactly and visit the locations indicated, localised weather or other conditions out of our control may mean diversions or delays…....but never curtailment. Travel with an open-mind and expect the un-expected for a stunning, breath-taking and exhilarating experience.