Because we are a FULL TIME professional holiday organisation specialising in small group, self-drive Motor home, Caravan and Camping Tours.

Our tours are the product of well over 35 years’ of experience in Morocco, making us unique in our field, the longest established organisation and most prolific visitors.

We offer MASSIVE logistic support. Currently we run a range of support vehicles that include two custom built 4x4 heavy trucks, two 4x4’s Pick-Up trucks, two people carriers and one van. Of course vehicles in fleet may of be changed, withdrawn or added as and when. Any one of the aforementioned vehicles could be used while on some tours TWO escort vehicles may be used. However, all our escort vehicles carry the appropriate tools, including a data-reader. We also have our own workshop facilities both in southern Spain and southern Morocco

Vehicle tracking, 24/7 office backup, medical access etc. all go to ensure your piece of mind and trouble free tour.

ALL our staff, including our Moroccan members, are employed FULL-TIME, thus allowing us unrivalled and intimate access to a life and culture that all too often eludes the unaccompanied traveller. On all tours one or more of our full-time European nationals tour leaders are present.

Our range and style of tour should appeal to everyone. All our tours offer an insight into Morocco’s unique and rapidly disappearing lifestyle and culture, but you can also choose from a range of tours that coincide with festivals, mausoleum’s, clan/tribe gatherings etc.

With our unique and in depth knowledge of Morocco this means that you can expect to reach and experience places other groups or individuals only hear about i.e. Berber and Nomad camps, dune, forest and mountain areas and so much more.

All our routes are well thought out and considered. Whilst you will [depending on tour selected] visit many remote and spectacular locations via track, piste and pass all are safe and non-damaging. We have never lost a client…….yet!

We take care of ALL your personal and vehicle documentation, Spain-Morocco ferry booking and border control/formalities. Just sit back and be amazed at the chaos.

You are entitled to unlimited pre-tour information and support. We believe that the planning is part of the fun. Call us as many times as you like. We love to chat.

Peace of mind. Desert Detours offers TOTAL support and security leaving you to enjoy this wonderful and spectacular destination without fuss or worry…….

Perhaps best of all DESERT DETOURS motorhome/Caravan/Camping tours are cost effective, including ferry, camp fees, local fees, local purchase rates, local knowledge, guide and support, many meals and snacks, entertainment etc. etc. etc. It could end up costing you more going solo…If you break down and it almost certainly will!